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About Us
The Woodlands TX Locksmith The Woodlands TX Locksmith is the leading locksmith service in our community. Specializing in onsite, immediate services for our valued customers. We work daily to ensure you are receiving top quality locksmith services, at a price you can afford. With competitive rates, superior products, and 24 hour services, we work every day of the year to enhance your feelings and search for total security and safety for your home, auto and commercial business.
If this were a perfect world, there would be no need for emergency locksmith services. The Woodlands TX Locksmith recognizes as you do, that security is an integral part of our daily lives, at home, work and play. With that in mind, we offer 24 hour emergency service for those moments when life gets out of your control. For the times when forgetfulness leaves you and your family locked out of your home, or your automobile; the times when a child is left alone inside a car, and the automatic locks engage before you can open another door to remove them. In these cases we can respond to your call within minutes, and have you and your family inside your home in safety. When a child is in danger, we drop everything else, and respond immediately to unlock your car free of charge.

There is no reason to pay money for a tow service when you have need of a locksmith. Saving you money, is what we do when we respond to your call for broken ignitions, lost keys, and locked keys in the trunk. If you have lost your keys, we can re-key a lock in moments, and hand you a brand new set right then. For broken locks and broken keys, we can repair a lock, and remove the jagged broken key from the locking mechanism and provide new keys when needed. Newer transponder keys, laser keys, and VAT keys are never a problem. With our computer system onboard every service vehicle, we can reprogram a new key or a malfunctioning one within moments.

Our commercial customers can rely on the same level of customer service we provide our residential clients. The Woodlands TX Locksmith provides high security locksmith service, we can open locked cabinets, safes, vaults, security gates, and rollup doors. Change the combinations on any safe, and rekey an entire fleet of cars if needed.

Our technicians undergo  a rigorous technical study program that keeps them up to date on the newest security measures, and are always qualified consultants for any locking system like Medeco and others. They are always there with the answer you need to feel safe and secure. Your peace of mind and confidence in our abilities is what has made us a success and we endeavor to build upon that every day.
You can call The Woodlands TX Locksmith anytime for a free estimate on our services you need. Once a call for help is received, we roll out in minutes and respond in 30 minutes in most areas of the community, never hesitate to call for help, it is what we are here for.